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The Feng-Shui products are of a very effective and each with unique features.
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Bells & Chinese coins : Coins & bells are used to attract goodluck & money luck. You can hang coins on the main door handles to bring money luck in your house. It should be inside of the door (not on the back door) & not outside or you can put a set of three coins in your cash box, purses, wallets or on sales files etc.

You can even hand a small bell on the door handle on the outside. This welcomes goodluck in the house & remove negative energy.

Jade Plant (artificial ): It is very auspicious to keep plant in the house especially in the South-East corner which is the direction for wealth. This energizes the wealth luck in your house.

Picture of Peony Flower : Hang large picture of peony flower or picture of many peonies in the living room to bring the required marriage luck to family. Keep it in a South-West corner of the living room. Single girl can put picture of Peony flower on the door of her bedroom.
Laughing Buddha : Laughing Buddha is a symbol of goodluck & wealth. Put Laughing Buddha facing directly the main door or diagonally opposite to front door and facing the door. It also brings prosperity, success & financial gains in the house.

Three Legged Frog : Three-legged frog is considered very lucky & attracts wealth. It should be placed near your main door hidden & facing inside as it has just entered your house. (Never placed frogs in the kitchens & toilets as it invites bad luck in this area).


Love Birds / Mandarin Ducks : Love Birds & mandarin Ducks are considered as one of the main symbols of  love, romance & fidelity. They can be placed in the South-West corner of the house or South-West corner of the bedroom.
Mandarin Ducks

Metal Turtle : Place metal turtle in North zone of your home. It enhances your career opportunities.

It is also characterized by stability. It gives a sense of great security. It is to be placed at back for security, longevity & freedom from the fear.

Put metal turtle with plate (with water inside plate) near your entrance facing inside & hidden for good luck & opportunities.

Fuk, Luk, Sau : They are considered very lucky. Fuk is the God of wealth. He placed in the canter. Luck is the God of high rank & authority. Sau is the God of longevity.

Three together represent the three most important types of good fortunes. They ensure wealth, authority, respect, long life & good health.

Pyramid : Pyramid is the symbol of high energy generator & so they can be used in any corner to enhance the energy of that corner. It can also hang above the main door but outside the house to welcome the positive energy. It can also work as a wish yantra.
Yin Pa Kua : It is octagonoly shaped representing eight direction with a convex mirror in the canter. It drives away all evil spirit. It should be placed above the front door outside. (Never hang it inside the house or it should not be in front of anyone's house).
Tibetian Bell : This Tibetian Bell can be used in any corner of the house to restrict negative energy or can be used to enhance the positive vibration in your house.

Phoenix : This is a mythical word which is to be placed in front of you (where you can see it ). It represents our capacity for high vision.

You can also put phoenix in the South corner for good luck.

Dragon : The dragon is for sighted & possesses a spiritual quality. It also makes an important decision by gathering information. It has amazing power & symbolizes the wisdom aspect of the mind. It should be placed in the left.

Dragon can also be used for good luck. It should be placed in the East.

Fu-Dog : The Fu-dog are protective animals. They are valued for their loyalty & placed near the front door for protection of the home and to scare away evil influences. They indicate future prosperity and are a symbol of energy.
Pagoda towers or educational tower : This Pagoda Towers or Educational Tower is useful for children for their education & knowledge. So put it in West & North-East corner in that corner in that corner where your children are studying.

Ox: It has the auspicious quality of attracting strength and ability for protecting themselves from the negative energy.

It values your strength & power in all fields. It can be placed in North-West corner.

Ignot : The most patent image of goodluck in Chinese mythology. It attracts wealth & helps to improve the health. It can also be placed on the office table to attract good fortune. Even can be placed single or in pair near the front door to absorb all negative energy.
Dolphin : A dolphin fish is a water creature & so it is connected with water area. A dolphin can be auspicious symbol and can be put in North corner or in a health corner.

Rabbit : It has a power of honesty. It helps to develop a power of honesty in human beings. It should be displayed in the South-East, North-East of the house.


Pyramid colour : Colours in our environment have a tremendous impact on the way we think, feel and behave. Colours used in the right places will create an environment which gives the appropriate response. So colour pyramids are used to give better results.

For different corner colour pyramids can be used as follows :

Orange - Red - South - Frame - Highlighter :
It can be placed in the rooms where you are entertaining, or where you want passion, or where you want to stimulate activity. Avoid red in bedroom.

Yellow - Canter - Health :
Yellow pyramid can be used for better health, intelligence, gathering and maturity. It will also promote social gathering and good health. Put it in the kitchen, sitting room or dinning room.

Gold - Money :
These colour represent money and material possession, can be used in wealth area or in cash box or money box or in your lockers.

White - W/N-W - Creativity :
Good colour for focus & concentration power, put it in a study & meditation room.

Blue - Violet - N - Career :
These are restful colour. Put them in bedroom or place them where you want to relax.

Green - E & S-E - Growth :
Green represents growth, life, optimism & new beginnings -use to paint walls or place upwards growing plants in your surroundings where you want a fresh start. Good to use in kitchen.

Black - S or N - Highliter :
Black is intense colour like red it is used to highlighting any corner. (Avoid too much).

Future or bansari : This bamboo stick tied up with red ribbon should be placed in 'V' shape on the over head beam. It is to remove negative effect caused due to overhead beam. It removes the ill energy from such area.
Feng Shui stones : Stones represent the earth element & so can be placed in any earth area & SW & NE corner of the house to enhance the energy of that corner. It can also be placed in South- East corner for wealth. (Stones in wooden box).

Pyramid wish yantra : Pyramid wish yantra will help you to fulfill your desired wish. Write your wish clearly, shortly & positively on a plain paper with red ink. Make two fold of paper & place under the pyramid. Now sit calmly in a quite place and hold the wish yantra in the left hand and place the right hand above it. Repeat your wish for 2 minutes and place the wish yantra in a safe place. Continue this process twice a day until your wish is fulfilled. You can make your wish stronger by facing following direction.

East- for love, peace, happiness, name & frame.

West- for health, disease, physical fitness.

North- for wealth, material possession, business.

South - for protection and safeguard from evil effect.

(Make sure that your wish is reasonable enough for your subconscious to accept. Do not put too many wishes).

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