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Feng-Shui Catalogue 2
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The Feng-Shui products are of a very effective and each with unique features.
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Original Chinese coins :

Enhances your finance and wealth prosperity

Tie three Chinese coins with red ribbon on a cash box to improve profits at work

Three Chinese coins hung over a shop door will encourage money to come into the shop. Best used for increasing the business

Three Chinese coins kept in your purse or wallet are useful cure to attract wealth

Tie six Chinese coins with red ribbon and place it on the North West wall of your living room

Tie eight Chinese coins with red ribbon and used as bookmark will help you make the most of knowledge that you acquire through reading books.

Tie nine Chinese coins with red ribbon and place it in the South East corner of your office or shop to attract wealth and good fortune.

Tie nine Chinese coins with red ribbon and tie it on the inside of the main door handle to attract wealth.

Tie three Chinese coins with red ribbon and place it in your important files and books of accounts to bring you money and increase business opportunities
They are best kept in your purse or wallets.

Charm cards : Charm cards are used to attract wealth, happiness, safety, luck. They are best kept in your purse or wallets. A perfect feng shui gift for your friends and family members


Wind chimes : Wind chimes are a good source of positive energy created. It is best used for bringing in controlled opportunity to your life and to protect health
The wind chimes can help to suppress bad luck or enhance the energy in the various corners of your home
The wind chimes to use can be made of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,15,18,19 rods
The wind chimes can be made of bamboo, wood, metal and of different shapes
The pagoda wind chimes is best  used for the yellow five in the South-West for 2001

Metal Turtle : The turtle is a symbol of longevity and brings good fortune for the house. It is to be placed in the North of your house in a metal plate filled with water


Dragon tortoise with baby : Brings eight types of luck, education, career, children, wealth, etc. is to be kept in the South-East of your living room for fortune
Fuk Luk Sau : Gods of health , wealth & prosperity. Display them in the living room for good luck, wealth and prosperity for the whole family
Tibetan Bells : They are good for energizing the rooms with good positive energy.
To be used three times for creating more positive energy in the house.
Three Legged Frog with coin : A very powerful symbol of feng shui It is supposed to be very auspicious. To be placed inside the house facing inward as if it has just entered the house.
Dragon : A very powerful symbol of feng shui It is supposed to be very auspicious. To be placed inside the house facing inward as if it has just entered the house.
Mandarin Ducks :
A pair of mandarin ducks kept in the south west of the bedroom is auspicious for love and married life.
Wealth Vase : This contains an ingot with all the different types of stones. It is an excellent way of attracting wealth to its owner.
Bagua Mirror : A bagua mirror is one of the simplest and most powerful FENG SHUI cures. A bagua mirror deflects negative energy and protects your home.
Large Coin Wealth Ball : A set of twelve coins tied in the shape of a ball. Best used for attracting wealth.
Brass Bells : Bells hung on the office door will bring in good fortune. Tie them on the outside door handle with a red ribbon. Best used for inviting good fortune.
Metal Hangings : A good symbol of luck & wealth . Can be used in the car and at a home also.

Candles :

  • Green : Draws prosperity, wealth & abundance, employment, fertility, healing on physical level, growth.
  • Pink : Attracts romance, bolster self-esteem & self-love, heels emotional issues, brings friendship, relaxation and compassion.
  • Yellow : Dispel grief, sadness & depression, repels negative energy, attracts platonic relationship, use for intellectual skills and pursuit.
  • Red : Give strength, courage, energy, sex, passion, protection, use by man to attract attention
  • Black : Absorbs & banish negativity, for grounding & protection.
  • White : Cleanses, purifies, raises vibrations to higher level. When in doubt use white.
  • Orange : Attract success, brightens the atmosphere,encourages light-hearted outlook, assists creativity on all levels, use by woman to attract sexual partner or to over come sexual difficulties.
  • Purple : Generate power for ritual work & spiritual activity, healing severe illness, discourage envy, jealousy.
  • Blue : Soothe anger, gives peace & serenity, good for meditation & relaxation, for issues of loyalty & dedication, communication skill discerning ability.
Crystal Spheres : Hanging faceted crystals are one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cures. Hung in the windows, doorways and passageways of your environment, they are masters at slowing down 'shar chi' (negative energy)
Crystals Ball : A solid crystal ball can be used in the south-west corner or in a living room to enhance relationship, or place one in the main window to slow down or activate chi in a child's room.

Crystal Clusters : Activates Chi in your room or office, creating good for the occupants and increases the balance of Yang.

Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energies and have been used as healing tool for 1000's of years.

They are ultimate symbol of the earth element.

Amethyst Ball & Stones : Amethyst is the stone that possess the strongest spiritual energy. It is a remarkable stone as a mediation and concentration support. Amethyst stimulates the intellectual side of your life. Increases activity of the right-side brain - purifies blood-reinforces immunity system increases psychics skills and intuition - tranquilizer.

Rose quartz Ball & Beads : Love & Romance

The soft pink colour of this quartz would lead to tenderness and to kindness. Strongly connected to the softness, it emanates the child is attracted by this stone..Rose quartz would restore the love of self and would develop the creativity. Rose Quartz Power Beads are beneficial to the circulatory system - increase fertility - appeases sexual and emotional lack of balance-increases self-confidence-calms down. Good for shy children.


Black Tourmaline Stone : Tourmaline can be used to attract inspiration, to diminish fear and to encourage self-confidence. Black Tourmaline can be used to repel and protect against negativity. It provides and increase in ones physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity, and can maintain ones "spirits" even in conditions which appear "gloom and doom".

Wear to protect yourself from being victimized by negative energy. Has been known to keep your emotions stable. Protects you from negative spells direct towards you, by dispelling them and causing them to become neutral. IT has been used in the treatment of heart disease, anxiety, disorientation and arthritis.

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