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Feng-Shui Catalogue 3
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The Feng-Shui products are of a very effective and each with unique features.
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Wind Chimes : Wind chimes are excellent source to bring the best feng shui in your house & office. As they bring sound waves in to your house & office, they are considered very auspicious. Hang wind chimes with different no. of rods in different corners of your house. Try a 6-rod wind chime in the northwest corner, 5 rod in the living room & southeast corner. & rod in the west area, 8 rod in the northeast area, 9 rod in the south area. This nos. are very important as they symbolize the particular areas as mentioned in the bagua.
Enhance Your Luck With Sailing Ship : Sailing ship is considered as symbol of high achievement in one's work & success in business. Displays a sailing ship in office or home. Make sure that the picture shows the ship sailing inwards & not outwards. Picture of ship sailing outwards is bad feng shui.



Metal Turtle : Keep a metal turtle in a small bowl of water & keep it in the north corner of house. Turtle are symbols of strength & they bring good luck in your career. A live turtle in house enhances the luck & prosperity of the entire family members.
Dragon Tortoise with Baby : Bring Eight types of luck, Education, career, children,wealth etc. Kept in any corner it activates. It is for the family harmony that everyone craves for.  

Rat with baby rats : It signifies the power of honesty in a human. This object helps to develop a power of honesty. To be displayed in the South East, also can keep in the North East and the South East of the house.

Tsai Shen Yeh : God of the Wealth Tsai Shen Yeh is another famous God of Wealth and is also known at times as Lu Hsing the Star God of Wealth. He carries a gold ingot and a sword. After he returned from a forest after studying the Tao, he was seen riding a black tiger in all directions and carrying the sword to ward off evil influences. Place this statue in your home or office behind where you sit as doing this is said to bring wonderful money luck. You can also place him in the house near the front door as the energy of the deity here is very auspicious. He is not meant to be worshipped but is there to symbolize money and wealth an attracts the same into the house.  

The Three Star Gods Of Happiness, Affluence and Longevity - Lu, Fu and Shou : The combination of these three gods are considered auspicious Gods for Chinese Buddhists around the world. The 3 gods should be placed in an area which higher than the table as a mark of their honors. They are said to symbolize certain constellations in the heavens and are acknowledge at certain months of the year. These gods are not worshipped and are there to embody certain attributes.

Lu is the God of high rank and affluence, he sometimes holds a small child symbolizing wishes of healthy offspring, good and hope of the future and the present. He is also seen at times holding the scepter of power and affluence. Lu symbolize the opportunity to better ones self and receive high rewards.

Fu is the star God of Happiness and Wealth, he is sometimes called Fu Hsing and is worshipped on the 20th day of the moon. He sometimes stands one head taller than the other two Star Gods, he is always placed in the canter of them. The God of ?Happiness and Wealth holds a symbol of gold signifying wealth.

The Star God of Health and Longevity is called Shou, (Canopus in the constellation of Agro). He is recognized by this large head and he carries a peach in one hand which only blossoms once every three thousand years symbolizing mmortality. It is considered lucky to wed in the month that the peach three blossoms, signifying a long marriage.


The Ship Dragon of Frame and Fortune : The Dragon of fortune is easily recognizable by its kind and compassionate countenance - it always has a big smile- lo at that grin! This golden dragon is believed to bring both luck and fame as he coils and moves through your life. His friendly nature brings a feeling of ease to the room and is well suited for almost anywhere in the house or office. Holding the pearl of prosperity in its golden talon, the Dragon of Fortune is always a welcome guest in any home. It is said this dragon is always ready to help anyone who needs it. The monks in the ship is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of physical wealth but also happiness and wisdom . By understanding where your fame and fortunes directions are, you can place this statue for maximum effect.

He makes a wonderful addition of any wealth corner and one I can heartily recommend as having worked for me!

Circular Fish Wall Plaque : This beautifully made plaque has fine attention to detail. Showing a celestial fish breathing on the pearl of prosperity, he is surrounded on all sides by other celestial fish.  
Arrow Ana Fish : If you want to create serious wealth luck in your workplace, consider keeping a single Arrow Ana Fish near the entrances. Let it grow as big as possible; when it scales turn pink or gold it is an indication of impending wealth.  

Amethyst Crystal Tree : It has a very high power to absorb negative energies. It is perfect for everyone in highly stressful environment. Amethyst crystal tree is also used to calm a persons temperament i.e. if you find yourself coming home feeling stressed out & high strung, Amethyst Crystal tree helps to focus the mind & insomniacs.

Ametyst Crystal tree should be kept the east corner of your office or home.

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