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Rays of Empowerment

Apart from its aesthetic value, gems can also empower and protect the wearer. The right gem can be mathematically ascertained from the date and time of birth.

The ring is worn on a favourable day. After putting on the ring, the wearer needs to concentrate on his desires and register them onto his sub-conscious. The power of the gem compounded with that of the subconscious, empowers the person, leading to enhanced confidence, and an end to financial, material, personal and mental problems. There is no problem that a good gem cannot solve.

Ring of Saturn: The phase of Saturn enters everybody's zodiac. The ring of Saturn, made during the lunar eclipse, passifies Saturn. Wealth, success, knowledge can be achieved.

There are rings that protect the wearer from affliction of ghosts and spirits and from nightmares. Certain gems nullify the evil effects of witchcraft and removes the fear of enmity and gloom. The Ashta Dhatu, made of eight metals brings good luck, health and wealth. An inexpensive ring, it is a boon for the financially burdened.

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