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Magnets Catalogue
Magnetic Wrist Band It has proved very useful in controlling blood pressure.For high blood pressure, it is tied on the right wrist. For low blood pressure it is tied on the left wrist.
Magnetic Necklace It shines like a gold necklace .This may be put on at all times (except during bath). It cures diseases of the neck, chest, disease, lung disease and palpitation. It has aesthetic value as well.
Magnetic Eye-Belt Woollen magnetic eye-belt has proved beneficial in eye diseases like conjunctivitis, ophthalmic pain etc. This has to tied for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day & eye should be shut .
Phangngeal Belts for tonsils In all phanyngeal disorders, tonsillitis, phanyngitis, this belt has proved effective Put on for 10 to 15 minutes , twice a day.
Kettle of magnetic water This is made of copper which contains characters of copper and magnet. Water stored in this kettle turns magnetic in 2-3 hours. Magnetic water is a good cure for chest disease, phanyngeal disease, renal disease, abdominal disease, disease of the head etc . Even in a healthy person, it works like a tonic. Silver coated kettle is also available
Magnetic Belt for Backache and Obesity This powerful belt is the length of the abdominal girth. All abdominal disorders, gastric trouble, indigestion, gases, gastric pain, constipation, enlarged prostate, kidney disorders, acute abdominal pain are cured. Reduction of enlarged belly, abdominal girth, scietica, slipped disc, diabetes etc. are all controlled. This is to be worn for 2-3 hours daily . This is the best solution for shoulder swelling.
Magnetic Belt For Spondilitis This is useful in hardness of neck, shoulder and swelling. To be used for 1-2 hours a day.
Magnetic Belt for Head This is useful in all headaches, migraine, exhaustion, insomnia, vertigo, fits, mental depression, nervousness, irritation etc. To be worn for for 20 to 30 minutes, twice a day.
Magnetic Knee Caps They have proved useful in cases of arthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain and inflammation of the body. Use them for two hours twice a day.
Magnetic Shoes and Handgloves The principles of magnetherapy and acupressure come into play. When worn, they improve blood circulation. There is a marked increase in appetite. It's also useful in cases of backache and is a mood booster. To be used for 2 hours daily
Magnetic Cushions This is useful for piles and all genital diseases in women . Motor drivers can also use it. To be used atleast 2 hours everyday.
Magnetic Hair Brush This can be used like a comb. Stops hair fall, premature graying and is a good solution to dandruff. To be used for 8 to 10 minutes, twice a day.
Magnet For Ear-Nose-Throat This is a specially designed magnet for diseases of the thesis organs, sinus diseases tonsils, phayngitis, othological diseases, deafness etc. Red coloured (north) and Blue Coloured (south). Both magnets are to be used simultaneously externally on nose and ear for 10 - 15 minutes twice or thrice a day
German Magnet This powerful magnet has proved useful in making magnetic water. It is tied externally to jugs or bottles containing water. The water gets magnetised within 6-8 hours Even in healthy people magnetic water increases appetite, offers stamina, improves blood circulation, digestion, asthma, cures feve , wounds. Magnetic water can also be used for washing eyes.
Magnetic Box Set This set consists of four parts which act on the ear, nose, eyes and teeth. Cold, fever, sinus problems , deafness etc. are quickly cured. This magnet is to be used 10 to 15 minutes thrice a day.
Special Belt for Asthma This belt has proved useful on chest and heart diseases, asthma, heartburn and bronchitis
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