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Rudraksha Catalogue
The Rudrakhsa beads are multi-faceted, literally speaking. They are differentiated by the number of faces or mukhis, each with unique features.

Ek mukhi:The most powerful of all beads, this bead is known to boost confidence and bring the wearer financial and spiritual enhancement. There are two types of Ek mukhi beads:

Ek mukhi ( Indonesian): This bead is round in shape and very rare.

Ek mukhi (Nepali): This bead is half-moon shaped.
2 Mukhi:This bead has been found to orient the wearer's mind set towards improved relationships. It helps in "matching frequency levels with others".
3 Mukhi: The wearer finds himself free of all negativities, both in the mental, physical and ethereal levels. Ideal for those suffering from inferiority complex, guilt, fears and depression.
4 Mukhi: This bead is known to boost the creativity, logical and analytical skills and clarity in thinking.
5 Mukhi: This is the most commonly available bead. This category has atleast a 100 sub categories depending on size, contour, density, place of origin etc. The smaller of the beads are used for meditation, spiritual advancement, focus and concentration. It monitors blood and cardiac ailments. It is known to be beneficial in cases of schizophrenia and manic depression. Drinking the essence of certain types of 5 mukhi beads in the morning flushes the body of piled up toxins and purifies blood.
6 Mukhi: For increased business acumen and fresh ideas.
7 Mukhi: Prosperity and material well being.
8 Mukhi: For confidence to overcome hurdles irrespective of setbacks.
9 Mukhi: The wearer feels high energy levels to materialize his thoughts into action for concrete results. Vocabulary, communication skills, eloquency finds maximum improvement.
10 Mukhi: The wearer feels more secure and less fearful.
11 Mukhi: The wearer feels more adventurous and daring.
12 Mukhi: Represents the sun. Enhances leadership qualities. The wearer feels a boost in his personal charisma.
13 Mukhi: The wearer is less inhibited to enjoy all the wordly pleasures.
14 Mukhi: A rare bead. It empowers the wearer with clairavoyance, extra-sensory perception and sharpens the sixth sense. Continued wearing of this bead has improved the activity of the right brain.
The Gourishankar Rudraksha: This bead is in the form of the image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is usually preserved in the cupboard or kept in the place of worship.