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Tantrik Items
Coconut with one line (and two eyes): This   type   of   coconut   is preserved  for getting wealth, fulfillment of desires and spiritual accomplishments.
Coconut for financial prosperity: It should be worshipped regularly.
White fox's Horn: White   fox's   horn   purified   by rituals is being maintained in order to hypnotise  or  attract  the  desired  person.  The  owner  is  not  supposed  to  worship    it everyday. It should be kept in the box of vermillion power
Image of folded hands (Hathajodi): This   type  of  image  is kept   in  
the   house   for   the purpose of financial prosperity and attracting the desired person.
White image of Mandar Ganesh:  Image  of  Ganesh  being developed naturally under the roots of white Mandar tree is worshipped for the  purpose of unexpected financial gains. This type of image  is scarcely available.   Even then we procure it with great efforts from the forests and the ascetics for the benefit of our customers.
Umbilical cord of a cat: Umbilical   cord of a cat is being   preserved in the house, shop or business  place  for   financial   prosperity  domestic  peace,  auspicious  happenings  and happiness  from  progeny.  This  item  is  vey  rare and is available in a small quantity with great efforts.
Cord of kusa grass: Those  who do  not  enjoy domestic peace or have frequent quarrels with their relatives should  maintain  this  item in their houses. It is usually kept in the box of vermillion power.
Shaligram Stone:  It   is   supposed    to  be  the  form  Brahma,  Vishnu  and  Shiva.  It  is worshipped  for  religious  or  spiritual  purposes. 
Rarely available Tantrik items For financial or business prosperity
Conch-shall curved towards the south:  A conch shell of this type is supposed to be very fortunate.  It  brings  permanent  financial  prosperity to  the  owner.  Its  owner  will  have pleasure of frequent auspicious occasion in the family. Goddess of wealth will shower her grace upon him. It should be rolled into silveren or golden amulet and kept in the place of worship or cupboards. We purify this conchshell by rituals before selling it.  Therefore  it is not essential for its owner to worship it everyday.
Conch-shell curved to the South (Female):
Conch-shell curved to the South (Male):
Conch-shell being played in worship (curved to north):

Image of Lord Shiva (Shiva Linga)
Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga
Pure Gorochanna* : This is a very rare item. It is used in worship (value per Gram.)

Eyes of a cat: (For prosperity)

Mayajal (Magic water) for prosperity
Black Chaneri Bead for removing abstacles
A small piece of a serpants skin
Full skin of a cobra
A necklace of sandal wood beads
Crystal image of lord Ganesh (small)
Crystal image of lord Ganesh (big)
Copper wristlet:   (For curing blood pressure)
Wristlet made of five metal (panchadhatu):  (For curing diabetes)
Shivalinga of Jaipor made of white stone:
White sandlewood
Red sandlewood
Necklace of Rudraksha beads (small) superior
Necklace of Rudraksha beads (small) ordinary
Necklace of Rudraksha beads (peanut size)
Rosary of Rudraksha beads ordinary
White Sandlewood necklace (powerful)
White Sandlewood necklace (ordinary)
Red sandlewood necklace (ordinary)
Tulsi (Holy Basil (powerful)
Tulsi (Holy Basil (ordinary)
Necklace of lotus-seeds
Crystal Necklace (superior)
Crystal Necklace (ordinary)
Necklace of Italian Coral Beads
Necklace of Japanese Coral Beads
Black Rajmani Necklace small
Black Rajmani Necklace superior (Rameswar Rudraksha)
Rajmani Necklace ordinary
Coloured Mycrobalan
Horse's shoe
Mercury Tablets
Amulet purified by rituals for desired result

Removing defects in house, solutions for generating wealth, Goddess Laxmi packet
Poverty destroying ring made on Gurupushya yog
Godly  blessing & success giving Navnath packet  
Laxmis favourite Nagkeshar packet  
Gopad packet made on Amrutsiddhi yog 
Ash from Mahahoma for good health 
Lemon locket for spiritual affection 
To protect house and business, black doll made during eclipse period
Protecting truck,  rickshaw, car , taxi from accident -  Vehicle packet

For plane, boat & other journeys ,  Pavansoot mooli (root) made on Somvati amavasya.

Powerful herbal powders for getting child
Rudraksha with 6 mouths & Bhasma (ash)
Handkerchief of Vashikaran & Mohini tilak  
Hanuman yantra shreephal bhasma
To destroy enemies, yantras,  lockets,  bhasma
Lemon with single edge
Soil  below horse-foot  
Soil below elephant-foot 
Coconut taken from tree, but not kept on ground 
Horse shoe ring (for Saturn)
Contour Machine
Black turmeric
A lemon with three edges
Trapping officers and names written by Ashtagandha on Bhoorjapatha 
Marriage fixing yantra on Bhoorjapatra
Special packet for health & long life
Lemon with 3 edge for Badha