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Ancient Belief

A lot of wisdom that comes down from centuries cannot be proven scientifically. Yet the modern world acknowledges a debt of gratitude to ancient people who passed down their knowledge to their children who in turn transmitted the knowledge to their children.

For this reason, anthropologists and scientists study remote tribes in place like Latin America or the Andaman Islands. They feel they can learn a lot of ancient wisdom from tribals. Ayurveda, homeopathy, and Unani medicine aren't taught in Europe or America. But they thrive in India. Primitive tribals in Latin America, for instance, will cure a fever by getting a patient to swallow a soup made form boiled roots and leaves. They are illiterate, if you ask them how the soup works, They will shrug and say they don't know. But their inherited knowledge has come down over the centuries. It's the same thing with tantric items. They work on the premise of staunch belief.

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